Citrine & Rutile Quartz Infinity Necklace



Rutile Quartz faceted 8mm x 14mm rectangle beads have been lovingly hand knotted with 6mm Quartz beads and polished Citrine mini nuggets to form this 92 cm long infinity necklace. All Mara & Us jewellery is packaged in a lovingly hand made in Melbourne cotton and hand stamped logo drawstring bag with a jewellery care card.

Citrine is a strong cleanser, carrying the power of the sun, its benefits are energising and highly creative. A stone of abundance, it encourages sharing, prosperity and smooths group or family disharmony. This happy stone raises self-esteem, nurturing a positive attitude and enjoyment of new experiences. Citrine helps moving forward in life to overcome fears of responsibility.

Metaphysically Quartz is an energy and intention amplifier and protects from negative energy by promoting harmonious thoughts. It aids concentration by filtering out distractions. It enhances psychic abilities and helps find spiritual purpose. Rutile in Quartz is the needle like crystals that can be gold, brown, black, blue or green. When found within a another crystal, these ethereal like needles bring strength in love and growth in other aspects of our lives. Rutilated Quartz intensifies the power of Quartz.