Lapis Lazuli & Freshwater Pearl Infinity Necklace



Delicate Lapis Lazuli polished 5mm mini nuggets & rice shaped Freshwater Pearls handknotted on silk create our Mara & Us gem infinity necklace. It’s lightweight, has no clasp and at 126cm, it is long enough to wear over the head with a knot in it, layered with other necklaces or wear it double stranded. All Mara & Us jewellery is packaged in a lovingly hand made in Melbourne cotton and hand stamped logo drawstring bag with a jewellery care card.

Metaphysically Lapis Lazuli releases stress and brings balance and peace into life. Honesty and empathy are traits this stone attracts to the wearer. A relationship stone, Lapis Lazuli helps express emotion, confront truth and harmonise conflict. It attracts optimism to the wearer and success in relationships. Pearls symbolise faith, sincerity and compassion. Wearing pearls nurtures personal honour and assists in clearing the mind. Having clarity of mind can allow for seeing the truth in situations and having oneself open to higher wisdom. Pearls promote inner reflection to help see how others see us.