Rutile Quartz & Hessonite Garnet Earrings


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Rutile Quartz 8mm x 14mm rectangle faceted beads and 4mm facetted Hessonite Garnet beads make up these earrings which hang 25mm from the ear lobe. The Sterling Silver earring hooks are handmade in our studio and each are stamped with 925.All Mara & Us jewellery is packaged in a lovingly hand made in Melbourne cotton and hand stamped logo drawstring bag with a jewellery care card. Metaphysically Quartz is an energy and intention amplifier and protects from negative energy by promoting harmonious thoughts. It aids concentration by filtering out distractions. It enhances psychic abilities and helps find spiritual purpose. Rutile in Quartz is the needle like crystals that can be gold, brown, black, blue or green. When found within a another crystal, these ethereal like needles bring strength in love and growth in other aspects of our lives. Rutilated Quartz intensifies the power of Quartz.

Garnet attracts love and devotion by alleviating emotional imbalance. It regenerates and balances energy, nurturing cooperation in times of stress. Garnet helps self-perception and perception of others through nurturing confidence. It is an amplifier of properties of other crystals, so it is great when worn in mixed gemstone jewellery.