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Gemstone Wisdom

We hand pick each gem or mineral we use for our jewellery and only choose pieces that have something really amazing about them ; rainbows in Quartz or the formations may be quite rare, like twin or crossed points, or are  etched.  We source from  ethical suppliers and also polish some pieces ourselves.  The  information about crystals that we  share is not intended to replace medical advice but rather compliment. Great reading for further information are books  ‘The Crystal Bible’ series by Judy Hall and the most amazing book – that’s out of print – but a real gem if you can find it,  ‘Love is in the Earth’ by Melody. These have been our references.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years for adornment and healing.  Ancient civilizations like the Mayans, Aztecs, Egyptians and  Greeks used crystals as catalysts to relieve dis-ease.    In our modern world people who are attracted to gems and minerals already feel the influence that some crystals can have.  The best approach when finding a crystal to wear is to go with instinct or intuition when choosing.  Sometimes the right crystal just finds you at the right time.  When a crystal has served its purpose or maybe it’s not the right time, it will leave you or you may just lose it until it’s the right time.


Amethyst has strong healing and cleansing properties whilst nurturing spiritual awareness and wisdom. Metaphysically it helps calm the mind, warding off scattered feelings and helps decision making. It enhances intuition and psychic gifts whilst being helpful for meditation as it guides mundane thoughts into tranquility. Emotionally it promotes motivation by driving out anger, fear and anxiety. Astrological signs of Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn.

Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber is from Northern Europe and is considered an organic gemstone as it is tree resin fossilised over 30million years ago. Amber converts negative energy into positive and facilitates an optimistic mental state by clearing stress. It assists in manifestation to drive desired outcomes into achievement and benefits creative expression. Emotionally it encourages peacefulness and develops trust. Astrological signs of Leo and Aquarius.


Bornite also known as Peacock Ore, Bornite is the stone of happiness.  It assists in the removing of blocks that prevent us reaching goals.  This joyful mineral helps break old patterns of thought and emotion. Astrological sign of Cancer.


Celestite attracts creative energy and encourages inner peace. This beautiful crystal helps dispel conflict by attracting harmony to stressful situations. Its calming effect is aided by its nurturing sharpness of the mind and open communication. It calms mental torment and brings balance to the wearer. Celestite is a crystal of high vibration so is good for stimulating clairvoyance.  Astrological sign of Gemini.


Citrine is a strong cleanser — carrying the power of the sun, its benefits are energising and highly creative. A stone of abundance, it encourages sharing, prosperity and smooths group or family disharmony. This happy stone raises self-esteem, nurturing a positive attitude and enjoyment of new experiences. Citrine helps moving forward in life to overcome fears of responsibility.  Astrological signs of Gemini, Aries, Libra & Leo.

Herkimer Diamond

Named from being found in Herkimer, New York, USA, the Herkimer Diamond is identified by its unique double terminated, clear crystal form.  The energy of this mineral provides harmony to just ‘be’ here and now.   They are strikingly beautiful and should be clear.  That clarity helps to clear the body-mind system of unconscious fears to help relax and expand life energy.    Astrological sign of Sagittarius.


Kyanite is a tranquil and calming mineral.  It aids in diffusing anger and frustration and helps with awareness and communication.  The great author Melody in her book “Love is the in the Air” sums Kyanite up beautifully ” It simulate psychic awareness on all levels….. It further advances the the conscious connection between the higher levels of intuition and heartfelt love, producing compassion in both communication and decision-making. It also assists in dispelling confusion from emotional, spiritual and intellectual issues. ”  Astrological signs of Taurus, Libra and Aries.


Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli releases stress and brings balance and peace into life. Honesty and empathy are traits this stone attracts to the wearer. A relationship stone, Lapis Lazuli helps express emotion, confront truth and harmonise conflict. It attracts optimism to the wearer and success in relationships.  Astrological sign of Sagittarius.

Peacock Ore

Peacock Ore, also known as Bornite assists in the removing of blocks that prevent us reaching goals.  This joyful mineral helps break old patterns of thought and emotion.  Astrological sign of Cancer.


Pearls symbolise faith, sincerity and compassion. Wearing pearls nurtures personal honour and assists in clearing the mind. Having clarity of mind can allow for seeing the truth in situations and having oneself open to higher wisdom. Pearls promote inner reflection to help see how others see us.  Astrological signs of Cancer and Gemini.


Pyrite is the stone of abundance and attracts wealth and prosperity by encouraging creative manifestation of goals. It helps release negative energy and dampen patterns of negative behaviour. Pyrite can be used to initiate a feeling of increased vitality during times of hard-work or stress. Pyrite is an all-round protective stone, shielding its user from emotional and physical discomfort.  Astrological sign of Leo.


Quartz is an energy and intention amplifier and protects from negative energy by promoting harmonious thoughts. It aids concentration by filtering out distractions.  It enhances psychic abilities and helps find spiritual purpose.  Astrological sign of All.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz purifies the heart and symbolises unconditional love.  It nurtures self-worth and trust, whilst letting go of pain and negative thoughts. It helps us to remain calm and clear with our emotions especially after stressful situations. Rose Quartz stimulates openness to the beauty of art and music and enhances the imagination.  Astrological signs of Taurus and Libra.


Turquoise helps to nurture honest and clear communication. It enhances trust, kindness and acknowledgment of intuition. Emotionally it stabilises mood swings and is an all-round protective stone. It repels negative energy and is a healer of the spirit, attracting a soothing energy, aiding inner calm.  Astrological signs of Sagittarius, Pisces, and Scorpio.